Sevenoaks Parents Delighted By Fantastic News

Posted on Mar 22, 2013
Sevenoaks Parents Delighted By Fantastic News

Sevenoaks parents are delighted by the fantastic news that Invicta Grammar School will be establishing a satellite grammar school in Sevenoaks from September 2015 on the Wildernesse site. The parents are particularly pleased because the school satisfies their three main campaign targets to establish a school:-

- That will admit boys and girls from Year 7;

- That will not use a super selective admissions policy; and

- Whose admissions policy will be based on distance from the school site in Sevenoaks (Wildernesse) for 11+ exam passers, meaning that the school will admit pupils from Sevenoaks and the surrounding villages.


Mrs Julie Derrick, head teacher of Invicta Grammar School, appeared on BBC Radio Kent yesterday, and said:

We are very keen to help (establish a satellite grammar school in Sevenoaks) on the basis that we are a school that focuses on the community. It is something that we are very interested in, and very keen to pursue. The whole idea and concept of collaboration is very important to us. The new school (in Sevenoaks) will be mixed school. Our priority is to provide high quality education in Sevenoaks.”

Dr Philip Limbert, VIAT’s CEO, appeared on BBC South East News yesterday, and said:-

It is fantastic news for everybody, particularly for the people of Sevenoaks who want this. It is good for the County (Council) who want to respond to people’s democracy.”

On the same programme, a Department for Education statement said:

We believe strongly that good schools – including grammars – should be able to expand.”

Further Information

Invicta Grammar School is operated by the Valley Invicta Academies Trust (VIAT), and is rated as an outstanding school by OFSTED. It is the highest performing non-super selective school in Kent, and each year its exam results place the school in the top 1% of all schools nationally. Invicta Grammar School’s ethos can be found here:-

The Sevenoaks satellite grammar school will be a six form of entry school, admitting boys and girls from ages 11-18. It will be a non-super selective school, and will admit 180 children who pass the new Kent 11+ exam and who live nearest to the Wildernesse site.


Invicta Grammar School’s most recent OFSTED report, from September 2012, stated the following:-

- Invicta Grammar School is an outstanding school. There is an unyielding pursuit of excellence by the headteacher, senior leaders, middle leaders and governors.

- Achievement is outstanding across all key stages and in all subjects with all groups of students, including disabled students and those with special educational needs, making outstanding progress.

- Students’ welfare and well-being are enriched and enhanced by an environment and ethos which value personal success, support endeavour, encourage creativity and promote enterprise.

- The overall quality of teaching is outstanding and inspires, enthuses and motivates students in their thirst for knowledge. Relationships are excellent.

- Teachers have very high expectations and use their excellent subject knowledge to support students in maximising their achievement. In a very small minority of lessons, teaching does not always cater for the full spread of ability or allow time for students to reflect on their learning.

- Behaviour and safety are outstanding. Students overwhelmingly agree that the school is a safe place. They express surprise that bullying might take place, but know exactly what to do should it occur.

- The school is constantly reviewing its performance, identifying improvements and addressing shortcomings. The leadership of teaching and learning and the provision of continuing professional development are exceptional.

- The highly effective curriculum ensures that students’ needs, interests and aspirations are met extremely well. Enhancement and enrichment opportunities are extensive and popular with students.

- Students’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is supported exceptionally well, contributing greatly to their success.

- The popular sixth form is outstanding. Achievement is rising due to strong teaching, a broad curriculum and personalised support which results in higher recruitment, retention and completion rates.