Sevenoaks Grammar School Plan Moves Ahead

Posted on May 18, 2013
Sevenoaks Grammar School Plan Moves Ahead

Invicta Grammar School has announced an eight week public consultation on its plan to establish a satellite grammar school in Sevenoaks. Invicta’s plan is to establish a six form of entry school on the Wildernesse site for opening in September 2015. Views are being sought from the community, and the consultation will run from 20 May to 19 July.

Invicta’s public consultation documents can be found here:-

Meetings will be held in the Sevenoaks area in the next two months to obtain community opinion, including a presentation to prospective parents to provide further details of the proposed school.

Dr Philip Limbert, chief executive of the trust which runs Invicta, said:

When a school wishes to expand it has to consult with the local community – other schools, parents, local government, the education authority. It will give people the opportunity to express their opinions so that the Department for Education can take these into account. We believe these proposals are a win-win situation for both the hundreds of Sevenoaks parents who support selective education, and for the young people in Maidstone who are our students.

Sarah Shilling of the Sevenoaks Grammar School Campaign said:-

This is excellent news as it represents another important step towards achieving our goal of opening of a grammar school in Sevenoaks in 2015. I am very much looking forward to attending Invicta’s presentation and finding out more details of their plan.

The high level of public interest in Invicta’s announcement was demonstrated when it was featured as the main front page story in this week’s Sevenoaks Chronicle newspaper:-

If you have any views on the proposed satellite grammar school, please contact Invicta by 20 July either by email to (marking the email ‘Sevenoaks Consultation’), or by writing to The Clerk to the Trust, Invicta Grammar School, Huntsman Lane, Maidstone, Kent ME14 5DS (marking the envelope ‘Sevenoaks Consultation’) using the public consultation form found here:-

New KCC Education Chief

In other news, Roger Gough has been appointed as KCC’s new Cabinet Member for Education. Roger is a Sevenoaks based councillor and has been a strong supporter of the Sevenoaks Grammar School Campaign since its inception. He said recently:

I have long favoured a grammar school satellite in Sevenoaks; last year I seconded the County Council motion supporting its establishment, and I have continued to campaign for it. The growing pressure on grammar school places in West Kent, which will only increase in the next few years, is a powerful argument for it. So are the long journeys that Sevenoaks children as young as 11 have to make each day.

Roger’s website provides further details of his views on the satellite school:-

Roger was also interviewed by The Kent Messenger newspaper this week, where he reiterated KCC’s commitment to push ahead with the Sevenoaks satellite grammar school in partnership with Invicta:-

About Invicta Grammar School & The Sevenoaks Satellite

Invicta Grammar School is based is Maidstone and is operated by the Valley Invicta Academies Trust (VIAT). Invicta is the highest performing non-super selective school in Kent, and each year its exam results place it in the top 1% of all schools nationally. Invicta was rated as an outstanding school by OFSTED’s September 2012 report, which stated:-

Invicta Grammar School is an outstanding school. There is an unyielding pursuit of excellence by the headteacher, senior leaders, middle leaders and governors. Achievement is outstanding across all key stages and in all subjects with all groups of students. Students’ welfare and well-being are enriched and enhanced by an environment and ethos which value personal success, support endeavour, encourage creativity and promote enterprise. The overall quality of teaching is outstanding and inspires, enthuses and motivates students in their thirst for knowledge.

The Sevenoaks satellite grammar school will be a co-educational six form of entry school that will open on the Wildernesse site in September 2015. It will be a non-super selective school, and will admit 180 children per year who pass the new Kent 11+ exam and who live nearest to the Wildernesse site.

Currently, 46% of all state secondary school children in years 7-11 in Sevenoaks district attend grammar schools in Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells, the highest proportion of grammar school entrants in the United Kingdom.

Venues and times of the consultation meetings will be published here and in the local press.