Grammar School Go-Ahead Triggers National Media Frenzy

Posted on Apr 1, 2012
Grammar School Go-Ahead Triggers National Media Frenzy

Kent County Council’s decision on 29th March to approve new grammar school places in Sevenoaks was extensively covered by the national media, who viewed this as an historic decision of national importance.

Broadcasters and camera crews from BBC TV and ITV Meridian were in attendance in the Council Chamber at the KCC debate. Also in attendance were radio broadcasters BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 5 and KMFM.

The KCC debate was broadcast live over the internet, including the opening speech by Sevenoaks Grammar School campaigner, Andrew Shilling:-

Later that day, the BBC Six O’Clock News broadcast a report on the Sevenoaks Grammar School decision, which featured BBC education correspondent Reeta Chakrabarti walking around the empty Wildernesse School site in Sevenoaks:-

At the same time, ITV Meridian broadcast a report on the KCC decision to back a Sevenoaks grammar school on its evening news show, which featured the morning school run at a Sevenoaks primary school:-

The next day’s newspapers also heavily featured the story, including two full page “feature” articles in The Daily Telegraph and The Daily Mail, which were based on in depth interviews with the Sevenoaks Grammar School campaigners:-

There was also press coverage from The Independent, The Guardian, The Express and The Observer, and these articles are included on the In The Media page.