Sevenoaks Grammar Annexe Building Plans Revealed

Posted on Sep 17, 2013
Sevenoaks Grammar Annexe Building Plans Revealed

Stunning building plans for the Sevenoaks grammar school annexe were revealed at a public exhibition yesterday. Around 500 members of the public attended the exhibition to view proposals for two new school buildings on the Wildernesse site. The red building is for the grammar school annexe and will cater for six forms of entry, and the black building is for the Trinity School and will cater for four forms of entry.

Please click on the link below to view an animation of the plans:

Architect Zubin Masters from Westerham-based firm Bond Bryan explained his vision for the school buildings:

“We’ve worked on schools and academies around the country but this is the first that is 20 minutes away from our office. It’s one of the best school sites we’ve ever seen and we want to create a complex that complements and utilises it fully. The site is pretty unique. It’s sloping and surrounded by some spectacular views, especially to the east. So, as an architect, I couldn’t ignore its potential.

“These designs had to provide for two individual schools, which is pretty unusual. The challenge for me was that the buildings needed to complement each other but, at the same time, have their own character. I decided to approach the project as if they were buildings on a university campus; so they have similar features but they are also distinct. The most striking difference will be the colour of the building materials – the grammar annexe will be red, the free school will be black.”

The funding for the buildings will be provided by The Education Funding Agency and Kent County Council (“KCC”). KCC will be submitting a planning application for the buildings in October.