Political Support For Sevenoaks Grammar Annexe

Posted on Apr 15, 2013
Political Support For Sevenoaks Grammar Annexe

Over the past week, support for the Sevenoaks grammar annexe has come from across the political spectrum. Firstly, the Kent Conservatives launched their County Council election manifesto, and it makes the following manifesto commitment: “We are committed to responding to huge local demand and delivering the Sevenoaks grammar school annexe.”

KCC leader Paul Carter said: “I was delighted that KCC was able to announce that it is working with Valley Invicta Academies Trust to propose a satellite of Invicta Grammar School in Sevenoaks. Thousands of people told us that they wanted a grammar school in the Sevenoaks area and this partnership shows our strong commitment to meeting this request.”

KCC Education Chief, Mike Whiting, has now sent KCC’s formal proposal for the Sevenoaks satellite grammar school to Education Secretary, Michael Gove, and we await his decision with anticipation.

Ed Miliband’s Visit To Kent

Also last week, Labour Party Leader Ed Miliband visited Maidstone, and in response to a question on the Sevenoaks satellite grammar school he said that, although he did not agree with grammar schools, it should be up to local people to decide on whether to have a grammar school. This is a welcome and clear indication that a future Labour government would not block the Sevenoaks satellite grammar school.

The Wildernesse Site

In relation to the site of the grammar school, last week Paul Carter said: “As many local residents are aware, a letter from Lord Nash about a proposal to confiscate the old Wildernesse site was unfortunately leaked to the press. I want to give my assurances that KCC is committed to delivering what the people of Sevenoaks want – a grammar school annexe on the old Wildernesse site in Sevenoaks, and we will continue to do all we can to make this happen.”

KCC’s election manifesto also makes the following commitment: “Standing Up To Government – We believe that Kent residents want to see a Council driven by what’s in the interests of Kent, not what’s in the interests of Westminster…KCC can demonstrate a real and recent record of doing just that…When Education Secretary Michael Gove raised the prospect of Kent taxpayers being left with the bill for (the Government) halting the Building For Schools programme, we stood up to the Government and said NO. In fact, we did more than that and went to court, winning compensation and a tribute during ‘summing-up’ that this was a ‘victory for the brave’.



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