Parent Grammar School Announced

Posted on Mar 21, 2013
Parent Grammar School Announced

Kent County Council (KCC) has announced that Invicta Grammar School in Maidstone will be establishing a satellite grammar school in Sevenoaks from September 2015 on the Wildernesse site. It will be a six form of entry school, admitting boys and girls from ages 11-18. The Sevenoaks satellite will be a non-super selective school, and will admit 180 children who pass the new Kent 11+ exam and who live nearest to the Wildernesse site.

Invicta Grammar School is operated by the Valley Invicta Academies Trust (VIAT), and is rated as an outstanding school by OFSTED, and is also the highest performing non-super selective school in Kent. Each year its results at GCSE and A level place the school in the top 1% of all schools nationally.

Paul Carter, KCC leader said: “Thousands of people told us that they wanted us to explore the provision of grammar school education in the Sevenoaks area, and this partnership shows KCC’s commitment to reflecting those views. In many respects, this is the definition of democracy in Kent.”

Mike Whiting, KCC Education Chief, said: “I am delighted that KCC and VIAT are working closely together to move this project forward. I will be sending Michael Gove a joint proposal for grammar provision in Sevenoaks by Monday.”

Sarah Shilling, Sevenoaks Grammar School Campaigner, said: “This is brilliant news. KCC and Mike Whiting have worked tirelessly on our behalf, and have delivered on their promise to the Sevenoaks parents with a truly outstanding, co-educational, non-selective, community satellite grammar school.”

Andrew Shilling, Sevenoaks Grammar School Campaigner, said: “The voice of the people has been heard. The site is in place, the funding has been made available, and now the parent grammar school has stepped forward. We congratulate Dr Philip Limbert, VIAT’s CEO, and Mrs Julie Derrick, head teacher of Invicta Grammar School, on having the vision and courage to commit to this win-win partnership.”

Sarah Shilling added: “Not only is this brilliant news for Sevenoaks children, but this is also brilliant news for children in Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells because the satellite will free up valuable grammar school places in those towns as well.”

“Invicta” is the county of Kent’s motto and is Latin for unvanquished.