Michael Gove Comments On Grammar School Campaign In Parliament

Posted on Jan 31, 2012
Michael Gove Comments On Grammar School Campaign In Parliament

The triggering of the KCC debate lead to extensive national media coverage of the Sevenoaks Grammar School Campaign. The campaign therefore came to the attention of the Education Secretary Michael Gove, and he commented on it at a Parliamentary Select Committee meeting on 31st January as follows:-

Q: Some grammar schools are seeking to expand and there is talk of opening satellite schools. Would you welcome this?

A: “We have allowed all schools that wish to, and which are successful, to expand.

“The particular case that has come to people’s attention is in West Kent. In Kent, you have a significant increase in population overall. If you have population growth in an area where there is selective provision, then you should allow schools in that area to expand to take account of it.

“The number of children who are educated in grammar schools rose under the Labour Government because of population growth. And because of population growth, the number of children overall to be educated in every sort of school will rise. In a selective area, if provision needs to grow in order to take account of that, that’s absolutely fine”.