Council Announces 2015 Opening Date For Sevenoaks Grammar School

Posted on Sep 22, 2012
Council Announces 2015 Opening Date For Sevenoaks Grammar School

Kent County Council (“KCC”) has published its Commissioning Plan for Education for 2012-2017. The Commissioning Plan sets out KCC’s plans for new schools in Kent until 2017, and confirms KCC’s intention to open a satellite grammar school in Sevenoaks in 2015.

KCC’s Commissioning Plan states:-

“The number of Year 7 places in secondary schools in Sevenoaks is 510. Forecasts indicate an increase in Year 7 intakes for the next seven years. The increase is exacerbated by corresponding increases in the forecasts for year 7 students in Tunbridge Wells and Tonbridge, where half of Sevenoaks children travel to receive their education. As demand increases in these areas, Sevenoaks pupils will find their ability to access a secondary education of their choice becoming challenged.

“The local authority agreed in March 2012 to consider a petition from parents in Sevenoaks about commissioning four forms of entry (“4FE”) of selective provision and two forms of entry (“2FE”) of non-selective secondary provision…We will (therefore) commission 4FE of selective provision and 2FE of non-selective secondary provision by 2015. New provision in Sevenoaks will therefore provide a solution for the secondary capacity issues. This will influence not only Sevenoaks, but also Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells Districts as well.”

The Sevenoaks section of KCC’s Commissioning Plan can be found here:-