Campaigners Prepare For Crucial Vote On Sevenoaks Grammar School

Posted on Mar 23, 2012
Campaigners Prepare For Crucial Vote On Sevenoaks Grammar School

Preparations are in full flow for the Kent County Council (“KCC”) debate on a Sevenoaks Grammar School on 29th March. The e-petition calling for a grammar school in Sevenoaks, which triggered the KCC debate, has now closed with a total of 2,620 signatures from local parents*. This is an incredible number as it is more than the total number of children who attend secondary schools from the Sevenoaks area**. A Sevenoaks Grammar School is clearly therefore a very popular idea with local parents.

The Sevenoaks Grammar School campaigners have submitted their written case for a grammar school to KCC, and will be attending the debate in person to present their case to the Council.

In addition, KCC have been preparing their response to the e-petition and, as part of this process, KCC have been assessing the future need for additional secondary school places in the Sevenoaks area. KCC will be presenting their findings, which can be found at the web-link below, at the 29th March debate:-

National and local media outlets (TV, radio and newspapers) have also been in touch as the KCC debate and its outcome will feature extensively in the press:-

*The 2,620 signatures can be found here (please allow 20 seconds to load):-

**There were 2533 students resident in the Sevenoaks area who attended state secondary schools in years 7-11 in January 2011.