Parents Launch Sevenoaks Grammar School Campaign

Posted on Dec 16, 2011
Parents Launch Sevenoaks Grammar School Campaign

A campaign has been launched by a group of Sevenoaks parents who hope to establish a grammar school in Sevenoaks.

Sevenoaks does not have a grammar school at present. Instead, every day, 1150 Sevenoaks children travel to grammar schools in Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells, a round trip of up to 25 miles. Many of these children spend up to two hours commuting each day from a young age. This has a negative effect on their learning, on their opportunities for hobbies and sport, on their opportunities to develop friendships, and on the time they spend with their families.

The impact on Sevenoaks area children from travelling long distances to grammar schools has been very noticeable in comparison to when they attended local primary schools. There are many Sevenoaks grammar school children who must get up very early in the morning, and who then struggle through the day. Many miss out on after-school activities due to the lack of available transport; many battle with tiredness when studying at home in the evening. Furthermore, for three months every year, they must leave home and travel to school in the dark, which has obvious dangers.

A Sevenoaks Grammar School would remove these problems from local children. Furthermore, Sevenoaks children would feel part of their own community through their school, and would have greater opportunities to continue with, and develop new, friendships locally, and spend more time with their families.

The Campaign therefore hopes to persuade the Local Education Authority, Kent County Council (“KCC”), to establish a grammar school in Sevenoaks, to provide a local grammar education for local boys and girls. The Campaign’s first act has therefore been to establish an e-petition on KCC’s website calling for a grammar school in Sevenoaks. The Campaign hope to achieve 1,000 signatures as this will trigger a full KCC debate on the issue. The e-petition can be found here:-