A Cunning Plan?

Posted on Feb 17, 2014
A Cunning Plan?

KCC Leader Paul Carter has announced that KCC has come up with a “cunning plan” to overcome legal obstacles to a Sevenoaks Grammar School. During a speech in the council chamber last week, Mr Carter announced:

“There is a massive need for more grammar school provision to keep up to speed with the split between grammars and high schools. It is long overdue in west Kent. We have a really good, cunning plan which will be legal and legitimate, which we will hopefully be announcing in April or May.

“I am already in negotiations with Mr Gove to make sure that, provided we get the agreement of the (school) governing body, we will see a much needed grammar school built in Sevenoaks.”

The Kent Messenger has reported today that Weald of Kent Grammar School in Tonbridge is the school that is in discussions with KCC over becoming the co-educational sponsor of the Sevenoaks grammar annexe. Weald of Kent’s chairman of governors is quoted as saying:

“The major problem for a satellite grammar school is for it to be co-educational and both the original applications came from single sex schools. KCC is talking to us and we are talking to them. We have got an option in mind although it raises a number of issues. The governors are looking at whether going co-educational is something we want to approach.”

Mr Carter’s statement was made on 13th February. A video transcript is at the weblink below (at 6:37:30):-


The Kent Messenger article is below:-