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    “For decades, young people and parents in Sevenoaks have been marginalised by not having grammar provision in the town. It’s time we made a significant investment in the proportionate expansion of selective schools in West Kent. Let’s get on with finding the right site to build the grammar school in Sevenoaks.” Paul Carter, Leader of Kent County Council.

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    “Because of population growth, the number of children overall to be educated in every sort of school will rise. In a selective area, if provision needs to grow in order to take account of that, that’s absolutely fine.” Michael Gove, Secretary Of State For Education.

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    “There’s a growing shortage of grammar school places. With at least 300 places going to children from outside the county, and an increasing birth rate, unless we take action now, Sevenoaks children face being allocated places as far away as Sittingbourne and Ashford.” Michael Fallon, MP for Sevenoaks.

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    “It seems strange that a town such as Sevenoaks does not boast a grammar school. More than 1,000 children commute to Tonbridge or Tunbridge Wells to attend classes. This is a ludicrous situation which only clogs the roads and lessens youngsters' opportunities to stay behind for after-school activities.” Sevenoaks Chronicle

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    “The creation of a grammar school annexe is a step in the right direction in helping to solve the problem of children travelling up to 25 miles to get to school. The council will press ahead and work up a full proposal to make this happen for the parents in Sevenoaks as soon as possible.” Mike Whiting, Kent County Council Education Chief.

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    “The Sevenoaks grammar school debate marked a momentous moment in the county’s history, which will change the face of education provision in the future. It highlighted the power of people pulling together, united in one cause that they truly believe in.” Mike Whiting, Kent County Council Education Chief.

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    “The scale of the increase in the birth rate is so enormous that we have a crisis, particularly in areas like Kent.” Stephen Twigg, Shadow Education Minister

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    “For me, it comes down to the right of parents to educate their children as they see fit. If a parent on a modest income with an exceptionally able child wants to give that child the best possible start in life by sending him or her to a grammar school, they should be allowed to do so.” Toby Young, Daily Telegraph

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    “For bright children from modest backgrounds, grammar schools are powerful engines of social mobility. I was lucky enough to go to a grammar school in Kent, which established such a reputation in physics that one year it accounted for a full 1% of all university physics undergraduates.” Ross Clark, Daily Express.

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    “Grammar schools are a beacon for the entire state education system.” Michael Gove, Secretary Of State For Education

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    “The children of Sevenoaks have suffered this injustice for far too long. A community grammar school in Sevenoaks would ensure that all local children who pass the 11 plus test would receive the grammar school education they deserve.” Andrew Shilling, Sevenoaks Grammar School Campaigner

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    “Our change, to allow good schools to take more pupils, far from “entrenching advantage” will mean more pupils from deprived backgrounds have the opportunity to attend the best schools.” Nick Gibb, Schools Minister.

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    “The paradox today is that no major political party would dare to campaign to bring back grammar schools, yet where they still exist, such as in Kent, no front-rank politician would dare to advocate their abolition, because they are so cherished by parents.” Michael Portillo

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    "People from my sort of background needed Grammar schools to compete with children from privileged homes like Shirley Williams and Anthony Wedgwood Benn." Margaret Thatcher

Our aim is to establish a state grammar school in Sevenoaks that admits boys and girls from Year 7 (aged 11); a school that will use a non-super selective admissions policy based on a catchment area covering Sevenoaks and its surrounding villages.

Co-Ed Grammar Sixth Form To Open In Sevenoaks In 2018

Co-Ed Grammar Sixth Form To Open In Sevenoaks In 2018

Jan 23, 2016

Education Secretary, Nicky Morgan, has announced that a mixed sex sixth form grammar school annexe will open in Sevenoaks in 2018, one year after after the Sevenoaks grammar annexe opens its doors to year seven girls. This is exciting news, and heralds a profound change to the educational landscape in our town, because, for the ...

And Now For The Boys…

And Now For The Boys…

Jan 20, 2016

Now that grammar school places for girls have been secured in Sevenoaks, the next challenge for parents is to campaign for boys’ places in the town. It is therefore very welcome news that the town’s MP, Michael Fallon, has opened discussions with boys’ grammar schools in West Kent over them sponsoring a boys’ grammar annexe ...

National Press Acclaim For The Sevenoaks Grammar Annexe

National Press Acclaim For The Sevenoaks Grammar Annexe

Nov 8, 2015

Following the announcement of Government approval for the new Sevenoaks grammar annexe, The Daily Telegraph, The Daily Mail and The Sun published lead articles hailing the news. The articles, which are reproduced below, were headlined “Hurrah For Sevenoaks’ New Grammar School”, “Now Allow Grammar Schools Nationwide”, and “Every Bright, Working-Class Kid Deserves Chance In Life ...

Sevenoaks Grammar Receives Government Approval – At Last!

Sevenoaks Grammar Receives Government Approval – At Last!

Oct 15, 2015

Nearly fours years to the day since Sevenoaks parents launched their campaign, the Sevenoaks grammar school annexe has at last been granted approval by Education Secretary, Nicky Morgan. A girls annexe of Weald Of Kent Grammar School will now open in Sevenoaks in September 2017. Planning permission for the Sevenoaks grammar building was granted last ...

Bright Children Perform Much Better At Grammars Than At Comprehensives, According To Ofsted

Bright Children Perform Much Better At Grammars Than At Comprehensives, According To Ofsted

Mar 5, 2015

A report published by Ofsted this week reveals that bright children in England perform much better at state grammar schools than at state comprehensive schools. The report titled “The Most Able Students – An Update On Progress Since June 2013” was published on 3rd March 2015. The report laments the huge under performance of bright ...

Grammar Building Submitted For Planning Approval

Grammar Building Submitted For Planning Approval

Jan 22, 2014

Kent County Council (KCC) has submitted its building proposal for the Sevenoaks grammar annexe for planning approval. The proposal involves the demolition of the existing dilapidated school buildings on the Wildernesse site to provide two new secondary school buildings, one for the Sevenoaks grammar annexe and the other for the Trinity School. There will also ...

Government Confirms Site Of Sevenoaks Grammar

Government Confirms Site Of Sevenoaks Grammar

Sep 10, 2013

The Government has abandoned its attempt to confiscate the proposed site of the grammar school annexe in Sevenoaks. Following talks held over the last few months between the Government and Kent County Council (“KCC”), the Government has now announced its agreement to the Wildernesse site being the location of the grammar annexe, following KCC’s announcement ...

Sevenoaks Grammar – No Negative Impact On Town’s High School, Finds Survey

Sevenoaks Grammar – No Negative Impact On Town’s High School, Finds Survey

Nov 30, 2012

An independent survey conducted by a pro-comprehensive think tank has found that the Sevenoaks Grammar School will have no detrimental impact on The Knole Academy, the high school in Sevenoaks. The independent survey into the schooling needs of Sevenoaks pupils was conducted over the summer, and responses were received from the parents of 1,146 Sevenoaks ...

Sevenoaks Grammar Plan Debated By Kent Councillors

Sevenoaks Grammar Plan Debated By Kent Councillors

Mar 29, 2012

On 29th March, Kent County Council (“KCC”) debated the establishment of a Sevenoaks Grammar School in the Council Chamber at County Hall in Maidstone. The Council debate had been triggered by an e-petition established by the Sevenoaks Grammar School Campaign, which achieved over 2,600 signatures. Campaigner Andrew Shilling gave the following speech to open the ...